Deep Brain Stimulation is an invasive method, when electrical leads are implanted into the brain, supporting nerves with  electric impulses, reducing or even eliminating moving disorders, like tremors and stiffness caused by PD. 

Deep Brain Stimulation or Brain peacemaker is a kind of solution for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. It needs a surgery when the skull is open and a little device with electrodes implanted directly into the brain.

“The treatment, called deep brain stimulation, means patients suffering from neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease can have the chance to live a normal life without constantly fighting their own bodies.”

If you are interested in details of the method, the advantages and limitations of the technology, read Mike Juang’s  amazing article at CNBC’s website.

And here you find a more personal view of the topic. Dan Stark, former AT&T president’s article in The Washington Post writes about his personal experiences with the treatment. He shows that replacing batteries can became a real torture since another surgery is needed for the maintenance and after ten years, the device does  not reduce symptoms as effectively as earlier.

He declares that DBS is “a way to buy time” and and also a way to buy hope that a cure will be found during that period.